26/11/2014 - A visit to the APICENTRO day care centre in Crespellano (IT)


A delegation of Latvian and Spanish CARER+ partners and stakeholders visited the Day Care Centre for the Elderly of Crespellano in November 2014. Marisa Mattioli, the ASC InSieme Elderly care coordinator, showed the guests around the centre, which besides the plenary activity rooms hosts a housing structure for the elderly composed of flats equipped with telemonitoring tools and barrier-free bathroom to allow independent living.
After visiting the centre the guests were welcomed to the plenary meeting room where Marisa presented the “Badando” project for training home care workers (Family Assistants) and provide a demand/supply match system to respond to the needs of households and care recipients.
Afterwards Barbara Macchi, social case worker at ASC InSieme, presented the “Badando” training courses for family assistants, held by physicians, nurses, physiotherapists with the goal to integrate health care and social care topics in order to mirror the regional health and social care integration strategy.
Finally Barbara Donattini, social case worker at ASC Insieme, presented the needs assessment process and the induction process of family assistants into the care recipient’s household.