27/11/2014 - ASP Città di Bologna welcomes the CARER+ delegations

The CARER+ guest delegations were welcomed by Gianluca Borghi, President, and Elisabetta Scoccati, General Manager, at the prestigious premises of the ASP “Città di Bologna”, the Bologna public utility for care planning and domiciliary care service provision. 

Gianluca told the story of the 500-year-old charity “Opera Pia dei Poveri Vergognosi” and how it has been incorporated in the ASP “Città di Bologna” since January 2014.

Elisabetta described the services provided by ASP “Città di Bologna” with special reference to the services for the elderly and explained the finding system of the organization whose main partner is the Municipality of Bologna.

Cecilia Luppi, head of the Elderly Support Service, described the regional integrated data system allows the creation of a complete social and medical record reporting the healthcare needs of each care recipient, connected to the information system of the local health authority.

Cecilia and Elisabetta also reported on an experiment which is currently being carried out to identify frail elderly (i.e., those who are likely to need domiciliary care in the upcoming years).

Before leaving, the guests visited the “Quadreria”, a collection of paintings left by ancient Bologna households as a legacy.