2nd Validation Workshop: Moving from Digital Competence Framework to Learning with ICTs


On 29th of May 2014 Carer+ organised its second Validation Workshop gathering in Paris at IPERIA’s premises. 11 European experts working in the caring field were given the opportunity to look into the Curriculum and learning resources developed by the project.
Overall, the review and feedback was very positive. The workshop confirmed that the ‘quality expectation’ for a set of learning resources and a Micro-certification system, including the proficiency badges were met and will successfully support the development of skills and competences (formal and no-formal learning pathways) of European carers.

Interesting discussions arouse around problematics like addressing the needs of both professional and private/informal carers; how to keep up with national standards, and drivers, motivations and barriers to enter the training. An interactive workshop based on ‘Action Learning Sets’ (Pedler, 1997) provided an ‘open and safe’ space to enable critical reflection to take place; to represent the different ‘voices’ and points of view  of key stakeholders in the domain; to promote ‘sensemaking’ and develop a common position on the Curriculum and learning resources and what, if any, changes need to be made to them. A few useful recommendations to improve the Curriculum and learning resources closed the session.

A promising future was outlined for the Carer+ Curriculum - especially if it is successful in integrating the certification badges in the national schemes of diverse national certification bodies like France, where the potential of the Carer+ training and certification approach is already being investigated.

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