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Active I EU project - Healthy Active Living for seniors



European society is ageing fast. Although people are now living longer, they are facing health problems that can be prevented by leading a healthier lifestyle. Participation in regular physical activity, keeping good nutrition habits, and leading a psychologically enriched life can delay both physical and psychological decline.

In this context, the EU project tries to achieve several and complementary goals:

  • to expose older people to well-evidenced healthy living guidelines in physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing;
  • to help them be aware of their own needs and preferences in these areas;
  • to offer tools for tailoring their own personal healthy living plans;
  • to provide tools for monitoring and evaluating the changes they have incorporated into their lives

Considering that healthy active living is made up of three components, physical activity, nutrition and mental wellbeing (which vary according to age, physical condition, attitude, and other socio-economic factors), the project Active I aims to explore these topics so that sound recommendations will result for a range of situations and conditions. Based on the knowledge gained from research and various experts, an integrated approach will be developed that includes a course, tools, and materials for assisting older people to establish and maintain healthy lives.

One of the main outputs of the project is the Online Planner and Course System. This online tool offers a personal healthy living planner taking into account the individual‘s current health conditions and preferences and providing information, tips and tools for implementing the official recommendations for physical activity, healthy eating and mental wellbeing in everyday life. The idea behind the personal healthy living planner is for older people to be able to design and monitor their own healthy living plans based on their physical condition and personal preferences. Please feel free to register for the online planner for free at www.plan50plus.eu.

For more information about the project, please visit its website www.active-i.eu.