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Apps for Carers

Caring for a loved one can be a worrying, time consuming and at time chaotic activity. Apps for carers such as HomeTouch can help with the vital organisational tasks necessary to care better and more efficiently. Managing your own life can be difficult especially when the person you are caring for wants to remain at home and is becoming more frail. Apps for caregivers can help your loved ones keep their independence for longer whilst also balancing your own needs for time and being able to care from a distance.

HomeTouch offers a simple app accessible from your smartphone, tablet device or decktop. 91% of people own a mobile phone and 56% of people own a smart phone with 50% of mobile phone users using their device as their primary Internet source. To support our fast paced lives, people are downloading mobile apps to help them track everything from their personal spending and productivity to their diet, exercise and mood.

More than 44 million health-related apps were downloaded in 2012, so it should come as no surprise that apps for caregivers are a fast growing market. HomeTouch helps care providers and families improve the quality of care and help monitor care activities. HomeTouch can help provide reassurance to a carer when they are not physically able to be with the person they provide care for.

Carers can access a family dashboard which allows them to track health data and trends in areas such as mood and medication compliance. Carers can also easily manage prompts and reminders. Important dates and reminders can be added via the calendar. Other members can be added to the app to ease some of the time for the carer. It also gives the carer access to advice on medical problems they may need to research and also allows an emergency call be routed to them should they require it.

HomeTouch is easy to set up and navigate. All you to do is register on the HomeTouch website and fill in some information about yourself. You can then discuss the service with the person you care for and get HomeTouch set up for them so they can stay connected. Once everything is set up the carer can manage care anytime and anywhere. HomeTouch can be downloaded from Google play and is very simple to install.

Source: http://blog.myhometouch.com/apps-for-carers/