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Apps to Help Carers in Their Job

Following up on the previous list of apps designed for carers, here are some more handy apps to help carers in their everyday job.

Emergency situations

  • Elder 411 and Elder 911 (free): both apps are made for looking after an elderly person. Elder 911 gives you various checklists to manage en emergency situation based on the initial information submitted about a senior person. Elder 411 contains more general information about tips for caregiving.
  • Pocket First Aid & CPR: this app is made to create medical profiles and help in case of cardiac episode or choke.
  • Falling: very useful app for those wanting to be alerted by email or text message when a caring person falls.


  • WebMD Mobile (free): by entering pill ID it helps to search for certain medications. A symptom checker provides a search for different medical conditions. The app is an extension of WebMD.com.
  • iPharmacy Pro (free): a comprehensive guide to prescription medications.
  • RX Personal Caregiver: medication list, dose alerts, detailed history and more in one app. Free for one profile.

Health condition

  • iBiomed (free): an app that keeps track of a person’s medical information, e.g. medication and tests taken, special diets, etc.
  • Pain Care (free): as its title suggests, this app is designed to keep track and manage pain using a pain journal.
  • Balance (for Alzheimer’s): an app that was created by the National Alzheimer Center to help those caring for a senior with Alzheimer’s.


  • Stress Stopper Pro: an app to help a carer release stress with breathing exercises and strategies.
  • Magic Window: consists of a package with landscape scenes and has a function of time-lapse photography to simulate time passing. All this can be very useful when waiting indoors.

All in one

  • CareZone (free): this app has many features from creating profiles to sharing information with relatives to file storage and journals.
  • Caring Ties (free): designed as a web based app only which means it cannot be downloaded, yet it is perfect for those using a PC or laptop to take notes, set reminders, log medical information and share it with others.
  • Unfrazzle: provides mobile task management and coordination for family caregivers – easy tracking and alert of day-to-day tasks and staying in touch with co-caregivers.






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