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Connected Care Network to support the care sector

Recently a new network dedicated for all stakeholders working and involved in care sector was introduced. The idea of Connected Care Network is to bring together practitioners from the public, the private, academic and non-profit sectors to share their knowledge, foster innovative solutions, promote investments and make already available technological innovations more accessible and well known among the community. The Network held so called Connected Care Camp event back in December last year to explore problems and challenges of the care sector.

More importantly, they emphasize the necessity for integrated care by involving doctors, nurses, carers and others to better coordinate care and support where technology plays a vital role. Among main challenges where technology can and should help are:

  • How can we encourage care homes to have video links to GPs and hospital doctors to avoid unnecessary visits and disruption?
  • How can technology help to reduce unplanned or readmissions to hospitals and ensure effective discharges?
  • There are particular challenges for people living in rural areas to access services & product. How can technology help us to address the rural premium?
  • How can digital technologies give people more control of their care and support and make person-centered care a reality?
  • How can policymakers use social media to liaise with local people?

These are just a few challenges to be addressed. Digital literacy and digital engagement should be a new form for sector collaborations shifting the focus from technology itself to better connected and informed communities.

More resources and videos are available onlineHere is the introduction to the Connected Care Network:


Source: http://shirleyayres.wordpress.com/ 

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