From creativity to relaxation: some apps for carers

Carers today are blessed by the hundreds of digital apps that are available to help them give the best level of care. here we list some apps that cover almost every aspect of caring and are esepcially suitable for patients with Alzheimers.You will need a device capable of downloading the apps. For example, an iPad can download apps from the App Store, while Android devices can access them through the Google Play Store.

Music and art apps

Creative apps are valuable for the relaxing impact they can have on someone who is uncomfortable or experiencing anxiety.

Fingerpaint Magic is free to download, allowing users to experience finger painting and create their own colorful works of art. Art therapy is believed to positively impact the senses and encourage active communication.

Relaxation apps

There are apps too that help to relax both you and the person you’re caring for.

Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite contains plenty of sounds to help you relax and drift off to sleep. Users particularly enjoy the sounds of rain and birdsong. The app also has a handy timer to turn itself off, so your sleep isn’t disturbed.

Binaural Brain Game – Relaxation Therapy for Stress, Insomnia & Alzheimer’s plays a special relaxing soundtrack while users navigate through a simple game of collecting crystals. The app plays sounds in stereo – sweeping from one ear to the other – so use headphones with this one for the full experience!

GPS/Wandering apps

An unfortunate feature of Alzheimer’s is the potential for the person with the condition to become disorientated and wander off now and again.

Real Time GPS Tracker is a free Android app you can download to a mobile phone that displays the location of the device on Google Maps. You could encourage your loved one to carry the device in their pocket, so you can either call them or remotely locate them should they stray.

Alternatively, there is the GPS Tracking Pro app that provides the same function, using the latest technology.

Source: http://practicalalzheimers.com/the-latest-apps-for-carers/

Photo by Robert Scoble