Exchanging Experiences: Policy visits in Romania

Policy visit event was organized by EOS during 7 - 8 October 2014. From the piloting partners of the Carer+ consortium, at this visit the Italian partner – IRS organizations participated.  Also, each partner organization at national level was represented at this event alongside with stakeholders at local and regional level. Stakeholders involved in this policy visit come from public sector, representing state institutions as Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection. They described within the event the elderly home system in Romania including legislation and how home system is structured nationally.

This policy visit event offered to Italian partner the chance to see very well the difference between services offered by public services and those offered by private organizations and to conclude the fact that NGO’s have an important role in social home care offered to elderly in Romania. IRS partners had the opportunity to visit two care recipients at their home and to see which their life context is and how they are working with technology, including internet tablets used in Carer+. 

Participants feedback related to the study visit was a very positive one:

The policy visit was a very useful and insightful experience, because it allowed me to compare the way the care system functions and it is perceived in Romania and the way that it works and it is understood by the Italian partners. I was also very glad to meet up with Romanian experts that provided valuable information on the status of the care system and shared conclusions and recommendations based on their extensive experience in the field. Therefore, I consider this policy visit an extremely valuable learning experienceGentiana Nicula, MASTER Business Center.

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