FAQ – CARER+ Open pilot

Does CARER+ project provide any funding to the open piloters?

No, Carer+ project cannot provide funding, hence open piloter organisations need to use their own resources.

What kind of costs can be needed to participate in the open pilot?

To participate in the pilot exercise, organisations need to equip care workers, informal caregivers and care recipients with a Smart Networked Object. A 3G availability is also important for the participants of the pilot. Furthermore, a proper implementation of the pilot implies some support services to the carers and care recipients. To help you design the staff, Carer+ makes the Handbook for Pre-Pilot, Pilot and Post-Pilot Phases available that includes several recommendations concerning the local staff involved. The staff size should be tailored for the number of participants involved. Providing information to the impact assessment research might raise some other costs however they are not significant.

What organisations are eligible to join the Carer+ pilot programme?

Any state or non-governmental organisations (civil society organisations, cooperatives, social enterprises, churches, for-profit organisations) that provide a home care service to older people in the territory of the European Union.

What Carer+ provides in frame of the open pilot opportunity?

Carer+ project welcomes home care providers across the EU to join its piloting programme. Carer+ consortium has developed several deliverables that promote a safe environment to carers and older people as care recipients to explore the benefits of using Smart Networked Objects in home care practice. Carer+ is willing to share the training programme and related learning materials through its website and it gives the opportunity to join its community building interface. It also provides the Piloting Handbook which provides a detailed, step-by-step description of the pilot phase and its implementation and finally, Carer+ staff provides a support to the impact assessment research and data collection.

What are the open piloters expected to provide?

Open piloters are expected to provide a minimum of 5 caring couples (care worker and care recipient OR informal caregiver and care recipient) that will participate in the pilot programme. Piloter organisations need to equip the target groups carers and care recipients) with some Smart Networked Object. They also need to provide some support services and a local staff to accompany the pilot process and collect data to the impact assessment research.

What kind of methods will be used in the impact assessment research?

Impact Assessment Research includes quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data on the pilot exercise. These contain on-line surveys, focus groups and observation. Carer+ team provides a personal support to implement the research (via e-mail, skype etc.).

In what languages is the training programme for carers available?

The training programme is available in English, French, Italian, Latvian, Romanian and in Spanish.

Is there an opportunity to use any other languages that differs from the above mentioned languages?

No, the translation of the training programme and the related learning materials would need more time than Carer+ can provide for the pilot exercise. Therefore it is available only in the above mentioned six languages.

Is there a minimum number of participants (caring couples) needed to join Carer+ pilot programme?

Yes, we ask the open piloters to involve at least 5 caring couples. Caring couples can be of two types: a paid care worker + a care recipient AND/OR an informal carer + a care recipient. Open piloters might mix these two couples. However, there is no a maximum number for the participants. (Carer+ piloters involve 50 couples per countries)

What is the exact timing for the Carer+ pilot programme?

Carer+ pilot programme started in February/March 2014. The final date to finish the pilot exercise will be 31 January 2015. The pilot programme lasts 10 months and is divided into two parts: a 10 month training programme for carers and a 6 month home care provision with the involvement of the older people as care recipients. The involvement of the older persons as care receivers happens in the 5th month of the pilot and since this point carers are coupled with their care recipients for the 6 month home care delivery part.

What are the deadlines for the open piloters?

Open piloters should take the following timing into consideration:

Until 30 June 2014: Applications to participate in Carer+ Open Pilot arrive to Carer+ Team. A formal agreement will be made between Carer+ and the Piloter Organisation. After that, open piloters are provided with an access to Carer+ deliverables and training programme. They can also require personal help to prepare to the pilot.

Until 31 August 2014: Open piloters finish their preparation to pilot and participants (carers and care recipients have been equipped).

Until 1 September 2014: Carers involved by the open piloters start the training programme.

How carers can attend the 10 month training programme?

The training programme for carers is planned for 10 months and contains 200 hours divided in 5 modules. The first module is deemed as mandatory however carers are allowed to plan and follow an individual programme by selecting those modules that are relevant to their skills. Therefore, the training might last for less than 10 months and depend on carers activities, skill levels and professional needs.

Only paid carers can attend the 10 month training programme?

No, paid and carers and informal caregivers are both invited to participate in the training programme. The first module is deemed as mandatory however, paid carers and informal caregivers can build their own individual learning paths with the support of the local trainers/mentors.