GO ON you can do IT to assess and improve online skills

GO ON you can do IT is a free website which enables individuals to take a quiz on digital skills and get immediate guidance on what to improve.

The quiz consists of 4 topics to test oneself:

  • Internet: how to browse the internet, use social networks and fill in forms online
  • Email: how to use email and manage more advanced settings
  • Documents: how to create and edit documents such as a letter or a CV
  • Online safety: learn more about the risks that using the internet can involve

GO ON you can do IT tool by e-skills UK to assess online skillsOne topic asks to answer 12 simple questions that are evaluated with points. When doing a test a person isn’t sure how to answer the question, it goes to a special learning list and later one can read more about that skill and check any examples available. In the end a quiz taker checks the points scored on that topic and can move on with assessing skills in other topics. The profile page shows one’s progress and badges that were earned in each of the topics. Simple as that!

GO ON you can do IT is an initiative by a non-for-profit organisation e-skills UK, hence it’s available in English language only. It’s useful for jobseekers as many questions cover essential online skills needed to find a job and later on to be able to carry out tasks at work. e-skills UK is planning to add more topics, like office-based and leisure-based skills,  and bespoke topics for staff in particular organizations, for instance hospitals, to help with the needs of more users. A mobile version will also be available.

You can visit the website here.