Hands-on Experiences for Social Care in Romania - Piloting news

by Cornelia Popescu

In Romania, first training courses within Carer+ piloting training were launched in June this year. At the beginning, training started only in two from three pilot locations established at national level: training centre in Caransebes – Caras County and piloting site in Timisoara where EOS is based. Training in Deva region – Hunedoara County started later at the end of August.

Participants involved in these trainings are employees of Caritas Federation – Timisoara and Caransebes branches, of Maltese relief Service in Timisoara and from Red Cross – Hunedoara branch. In the first sessions of Module I of Carer+ piloting training, care workers learned concepts related to hardware and software in order to understand better the following notions of the course, with the aid of the trainers they managed to create their own email addresses to use the internet tablets received in use, have learned to create their own tablet settings, managed to install various applications available for free download for the operating system used for the tablets received and to accommodate with the applications installed.

They were very enthusiastic about the equipment received for the lifetime of the pilot process and about the new IT knowledge acquired that they will be able to transfer into their work. Training was adapted according to trainee’s needs and a face a face approach was adopted so that learners to go through the curriculum more quickly and information received to settle better. First two face to face sessions revealed the fact this kind of approach is needed given the ICT level of participants which was quite low.

At this stage, at national level first two training modules were completed by care workers and caregivers in all three piloting sites and module three will start at the middle of November.

General Feedback including emotions during the training and opinions of all colleagues (home care) about the training provided until now from Deva training center – Master Business Centre

The carers in Hunedoara County had some previous experience in using ICT devices in their work, but before the Carer+ training they didn’t have the opportunity to have a well-structured and systematic training in this field. So, they were very glad to learn new things about how technology can facilitate their activity, give them means to organize more effective and to gain time to focus on the care beneficiaries. During the training they also came up with some new means and procedures on how to use the tablets in their daily activity (e.g. video-calls with ER doctors who can provide a preliminary evaluation, that can support the carer in deciding whether to call an ambulance or to transport the patient to the hospital; monitoring elders that live in remote areas and don’t have assigned carers, etc.)

Overall feedback about Carer+ project from Master Business Centre (one of the piloting site)

The Carer+ project is congruent with Master Business Center’s focus on social services development and allowed us to become more involved in this area and to actively contribute to promoting the importance of technology in improving care services. The project was also a great opportunity to actively collaborate with the Romanian Red Cross – Hunedoara Branch and to discover means of assisting people that live in remote areas of the County.


Participant's Testimonial:

I am very happy that me and my staff were given the opportunity to take part in this project and to discover new ways in which technology can help us do our job better and faster. The Romanian Red Cross already has a program that aims to provide domiciliary care services for the elders and this project showed us ways in which we can integrate technology in our everyday activity so that we become more effective. – Simona HIRIEASU, Lupeni Red Cross Sub-branch Director


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