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How one community helped its elderly

Social exclusion is still a stark reality for many old people and it is often worse in countries where the elderly lack the economic means to have a quality lifestyle, excellent healthcare and the possiblity to travel and meet others. In a small city (Kutaisi)  in Georgia, the British Red Cross has been involved in providing the elderly with a simple but effective solution- a place they can meet and socialize.

Life does change with age and we cannot always control our health or even our finances. What we can control however is how we react to the problems we face in life. This is much easier when we are part of a larger group and when we feel that we have friends and our life has meaning.

The stark reality of the seniors in this video is isolation: many of them cannot move as they could before and therfore feel tied to their homes. Some don't have electricity, or even food. But the biggest problem of all is for those who have no people to talk to or to help them. Sometimes they are without family, sometimes their family is far away and unable to help.

Since the introcution of the communtiy centre, their life has changed for the better. They can organise activities such as singing, sewing, games and simple chatting. More importantly- they can talk about their problems and how to overcome them. They can have informaiton of how to deal with their health problems. They may have sorrow and problems, but they are together and sharing them makes them feel less lonely.

Have a look at this fantasic video to find out what a community centre can really do for social inclusion!

SOURCE: www.redcross.org.uk