Information for care recipients

Problems and solutions

The CARER+ project aims to help care recipients by using technology and research to improve home care.

Older people often face a challenge: moving to a nursing home or receiving care at their own homes. Qualified caregivers, flexible transportation and adapted housing are all hard to find. Moving to a nursing home or special care centre is sometimes the only solution.

But what if frail and older people had a choice? What if, through new technologies, they had access to qualified caregivers, personalised healthcare, transport, and accessible housing? What if through the use the Internet and technology they could reach out and communicate with their families, with other citizens and participate more actively in public life?

Technology has already been in use to help older people that receive care at home in a variety of situations. In the Carer+ project there innovative Li1 device will be tested by the care recipients.

Benefits for care recipients

Care recipients will benefit from a six-month period of home care, given by a qualified care worker or an informal caregiver/family member. The participation in CARER+ project is completely free. Participants are not and cannot be charged by any fee.

Care recipients will also have a free access to insert ICT device, that can be used for the six-month period of the home care service (the so-called piloting phase) offered by the CARER+ project. The carers will also be equipped with an Internet tablet or a smart phone that will help personal cooperation and communication with the care recipients.

The project will take place in five countries: France, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain. For any questions on the project during its duration feel free to contact us.

Download information in various languages: http://carerplus.eu/carer-project/press-and-media

CARER+ in a Nutshell

CARER+ is a European project that uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to improve the quality of life for people who require care in their homes. It is a non-for profit project supported by the European Commission. Its sole purpose is research into potential benefits of technology on the quality of home care.