Northern Ireland: A leading European region in healthcare system transformation

According to a Commission report on Northern Ireland, the region is one of EU's leading dynamic and forward looking supporters and implementers of eHealth initiatives aimed at creating more efficient, effective and patient-centric healthcare systems.

Recently the Commission launched a report on Northern Ireland in Europe which details significant benefits that Northern Ireland's economy, public services and policy makers have gained from the support of President Barosso's N. Ireland Task Force (NITF) over the last four years. The NITF covers a broad range of EU policy areas under the responsibility the 18 Commission services that are active in the NITF and including DG CONNECT which as responsibility for EU Flagship Initiative Digital Agenda for Europe.
According to the report, Northern Ireland is one of the EU's leading dynamic and forward looking supporters and implementers of Connected Health initiatives which aim to create more efficient, effective and patient-centric the healthcare systems. These efforts have been influenced by the Commission's eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020.

Vibrant healthcare innovation ecosystem
The region's proactive participation in EU health initiatives such as the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing has put N. Ireland centre-stage as a creator of a vibrant healthcare innovation ecosystem which is inter-connected to similar ecosystems in other European regions.In addition, on the international front N. Ireland with its strong traditional links to Massachusetts, New York and other centers of health innovation in the US, has played an important role in developing and facilitating transatlantic collaboration on eHealth/Health IT the EU-US eHealth/Health IT Roadmap which should reap major benefits for suppliers of eHealth solutions in the EU and US.

Overcoming its history
Read the report, Northern Ireland in Europe, to find out more about these and other examples of the progressive integration on the part of Northern Ireland into the EU's main policy fields as it seeks to overcome a history of conflict and promote peace and reconciliation, stability and prosperity.

Source: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/eipaha/news/index/show/id/675