Major differences exist amongst European countries with respect to the role of care workers and their ability to act as mediators or facilitators for the diffusion of ICT tools and services among older people. In most countries, there is little evidence of care-related ICT use among care workers, and only in a few countries is there evidence that  care workers play a significant role in domiciliary long term care and are actively involved in ICT projects. The development and uptake of ICT services via support of the carer is still limited and to a large extent their value remains unrecognised by care workers. Carer+, therefore, aims to support the development of digital competences and digitally-supported professional skills for care workers, with a particular focus on applying these skills and competences to enhance the quality of care provided for care recipients. The primary target groups addressed are the relevant actors of social care sector.  Our goal during the pilot project is to involve around 500 care workers and caregivers, their trainers within VET and Adult Education, older people, policy and decision makers, families, associations of care recipients and caregivers in five European Countries.

Carer+ needs you.

To help achieve these objectives and outcomes, the Carer+ partnership issued an ‘ Open Call for interest’ to stakeholders and users in the field to participate in the evaluation processes of the project during its lifecycle in order to support the Consortium by: 

  • Reviewing the outcomes at key milestones of the project
  • Ensuring quality outputs
  • Keep the project objectives and outputs in-line with stakeholders needs and interests
  • Detect critical issues, potential risks and conflicts at early stage and keeping the governing bodies informed about them

The Carer+ partnership invites you to join in and get involved at different levels depending on your time and interest, calling on all stakeholders and users to get involved in evaluation and peer reviewing in a set of actions carried out through this project by :

Actively engaging in our activities through our European portal (discussions, online surveys etc..) to develop the needed knowledge to make Carer+ a successful and useful service for you and the sector..

By participating  in Review and Validation workshops on the themes of :

  • Identification of digital competences of care workers ( Brussels, 6 June 2013)
  • Curriculum and learning resources (TBC, end 2013)
  • Impact assessment and policy recommendations (TBC, end of 2014)

If you wish to join and be part of the Carer+ Users/Stakeholders Group or want to know more about your potential involvement, please forward your details: Institution -if applicable-, Sector, address, name, position and email address and indicate what level of commitment you are interested in (discussions; on-line surveys; validation activities etc…) to Véronique Maes vmaes@skynet.be