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Reliance on informal female carers still prevalent

Home is where you’re cared for? – Drivers for using different long-term care services

The question of what determines older people’s use of different care services is crucial for public policy-makers to be able to respond to longevity appropriately. In a study for the City of Vienna (MA 24), Andrea SchmidtMichael FuchsKai Leichsenring, and Maria Hofmarcher-Holzhacker show that reliance on informal carers, in particular on female carers, is still of utmost importance to remain in one’s own home even in old-age. A potential alternative to residential and informal care, 24-hour live in care, is mainly used by higher income groups and in case of larger housing space. A full report will be published in autumn 2014.
Source: May Newsletter article, European Centre for Social Welfare and Policy Research