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The rise of the Silver economy

On 23 September the European Commission held a conference titled "Growing the Silver Economy in Europe". 250 participants, representing industry, care organisations, civil society, SMEs, and public authorities came together to discuss how to best seize the opportunities. The aim was for the Commission to consult on how to best grow a large scale Silver Economy in Europe.

A report (PDF) with findings and recommendations has been produced. Successful business cases and examples were also presented, like Coimbra (PDF) in Portugal, which is also highlighted in this blog post.

Stakeholders are invited to contribute to the consultation by submitting their position papers to ec-eip-aha@ec.europa.eu. The papers will then be posted on the conference website and be opened for further discussion.

In addition, please follow the EU Silver Economy Twitter account which offers further options for sharing relevant content and exchanging views.

A Commission interservice group with representatives from many DGs is currently exploring possible further actions on the basis of the discussion of the September event and on the contributions received. One conclusion is already clear though: Ageing, economic growth and jobs go together very well.

Read the full article online: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/eipaha/news/index/show/id/658