Social protection system of elderly people in general


Czech Republic

GDP at market prices Purchasing Power Standard per inhabitant, 2011

20 200

Pension expenditure,  % of GDP, 2010


Expenditure on care for elderly, % of GDP, 2008


At-risk-of-poverty rate, age group 65 years or over, 2011


Old-age pensions

Basic principles

Compulsory social insurance scheme financed by contributions covering the active population (employees and self-employed) and assimilated groups providing earnings-related pensions depending on contributions and the duration of affiliation.

Old-age pensions

Legal retirement age in standard case

Men: 62 years and 6 months

Women: depends upon the number of children raised:

-   no children - 61 years and 4 months,

-   1 child - 60 years and 4 months,

-   2 children - 59 years and 4 months,

-   3 or 4 children - 58 years and 4 months,

-   5 or more children - 57 years and 4 months.

The retirement age for men is gradually increased by 2 months each year.

The retirement age for women are increased by 4 months each year (6 months from 2018) until it equals that of men. After that, the increase will also be 2 months per year.

Financing principles for old-age pensions

Contributions (insured persons and employers)


Benefits for older unemployed

No special benefits. Only duration of payment is longer.

Financing systems for long-term benefits

Case of  old-age benefits

Current income financing (‘pay as you go’).


Health care

Basic principles

Compulsory system financed by contributions from individuals, employers and the state.

Health care

Benefits for prosthesis, spectacles, hearing-aids

Prostheses, eye-glasses and hearing aids may be partially or fully reimbursed. A price list of health aids establishes the level of co-payment.