Webnapperon is an ultra simplified internet photo tablet combined with an RFID reader which allows elderly or disabled to view information from their social networks on Internet.

Following the Webnapperon testing, several conclusions were drawn:

- This type of device is effective to drag elderly people from isolation
- As a first experience of digital, it allows remote internet public to understand the importance of electronic communication.

80% of seniors who tested Webnapperon started using a computer thereafter
- As it is today, the device is highly dependent on the involvement of the older person’s entourage. The publication for families must be simplified in order to keep them involved in the long term.
- The use of objects as only interface restrains the participation of the elderly: the use of touch should offer other ways back.

Thus, as part of the Host project, the Erasme center is creating a future development of the Webnapperon thanks to the construction and testing of a tool helping seniors to keep digitally in touch. (The role of Erasme in Host does not stop there as it leads codesign workshops, connect the Host Communication platform with the Host-management tool and exchange best practices with all European partners).

This Webnapperon 2 is a Web Application (WebApp) for touchpads (for the elder) as well as for computers (for the family and the environment of the elder). Other methods of interactions using the same library of shared content are at study for the next steps of the project: an Internet of Things or TV connected with remote control.

The Webnapperon application provides the elderly with:
- an easy access to the content shared by its nearby directories including photos, text documents, audio, video, pdf, url, RSS, Podcast, shared calendar
- a very simple instant messaging.
- a comment system which can react to any shared content.
- the possibility to take and post photos directly from the application, write or complete texts.
- the opportunity to share content with friends.

More information about Erasme (in french):

ERASME is a French Living Lab (member of Enoll network) owned by Rhône Department.  It is specialized in the design of digital technologies new uses for administrations (Education, Culture, Elderly). Its team of 13 people gathers technical skills as well as design skills. ERASME is the creator of the Internet of Things’ platform called webnapperon. The RFID technology is used to minimize the complexity of social networks and intuitively connect elderly people to their family.

More information about Host Project (in french) :

The HOST project is a part of The Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)  Joint Program which is a joint research and development funding program implemented by 20 European Member States and 3 Associated States. The program receives a substantial financial support – based on article 169 of the EC treaty – from the European Commission.
The objective of the AAL Joint Programme is to enhance the quality of life of older people and strengthen the industrial base in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).