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5 Acceptance

5.1 Role of digital competence in care work

Understanding the role of digital competence in care work; understanding how different kinds of digital technology can support care workers in their profession as well as care recipients in their daily lives; realising the benefits and challenges of implementing ICT in social care.

5.2 Inception and promotion

Bringing digital competence and technology into own work practices; clarifying the advantages of digital technology to care recipients; introducing various types and possibilities of digital activity to care recipients; inspiring interest in ICT.

5.3 Encouragement and confidence building

Overcoming psychological obstacles to the implementation of digital technology in care work such as the fear and mistrust of technology, low self-esteem and lack of interest; encouraging care recipients to gradually discover ICT-based activities; building confidence.

5.4 Sustainability

Ensuring user-friendliness and adequacy of digital technology used by the care recipient; avoiding over-complexity; observing sustainable user development; preventing discouragement and loss of interest.