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6 Adaptation

6.1 Identification of digital needs

Identifying own as well as care recipients' needs that can be addressed by digital technology; inspecting own as well as care recipients' daily practices, routines, interests and wishes and determining where digital technology can provide more effectiveness, efficiency and comfort.

6.2 Identification of digital responses to needs

Identifying, based on own and care recipients' needs, appropriate digital solutions, strategies and activities; matching areas of need with available solutions; evaluating solutions and selecting ones best fitting particular situation's/person's context.

6.3 Tolerance and patience

Communicating digital technology to care recipients in appropriate manner; adjusting the pace of learning to individual capacities and objective setbacks; dealing with failure and finding alternative solutions; promoting cooperative optimism; maintaining realism in expectations. 

6.4 Variability, creativity and resourcefulness

Supporting variability in digital technologies used and activities carried out; helping care recipients discover the creativity and multi-dimensionality of digital environments; preventing stereotypisation and boredom; providing orientation and guidance; helping with systematisation.