Independant Living and Social Participation

General Digital Competence Enabling Digital Competence Care Specific Digital Competence
Independant living and Social Participation Personal Development and Social Integration Care Coordination
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9 Independent living and social participation for care recipients

9.1 Application of digital technologies in on-site care work

Helping care recipients understand, install and use digital technologies at their homes; applying the principles of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in on-site care work; selecting, combining and adjusting digital technologies, devices and software solutions to specific contexts and individual needs. 

9.2 Remote monitoring and assistance to care recipients

Supporting care recipients’ independent living through the application of digital technologies used in the absence of care workers, or used by care workers for remote supervision; enabling remote consultation and off-site assistance to care recipients; providing care recipients with the means to monitor, record and report health- and care-related issues; ensuring care recipients’ safety and well-being from distance.

9.3 Enabling communication and networking

Mediating to care recipients a variety of means of digital communication; establishing conditions for care recipients to enhance, build and maintain social relations through digital technologies; supporting care recipients’ active participation in online social networks; observing elementary safety and privacy of care recipients’ online participation.  

9.4 Counselling for care recipients and families

Being able to function as a first point of inquiry for care recipients and their families in matters of digital competence; providing orientation and advice to care recipients with regard to their specific digital needs; earning care recipients’ trust as a competent user as well as a guide through digital technologies; promoting different user strategies with a special focus on social care-related digital solutions; mediating professional/technical assistance where necessary.