Personal Development and Social Integration

General Digital Competence Enabling Digital Competence Care Specific Digital Competence
Independant living and Social Participation Personal Development and Social Integration Care Coordination
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10 Personal development and social integration of carers

10.1 Learning through ICTs

Improving own professional competences in care work by engaging in various kinds of e-learning activities; keeping up with developments in digital technology in general as well as its implementation in care sector; self-assessing learning results via evaluation exercises and by using competence frameworks; mediating digital learning opportunities to care recipients.

10.2 Peer support and exchange of good practices

Engaging in peer communities of care workers and caregivers; participating actively in the exchange of good practices; publishing and consulting online examples, from own work and from the work of others; identifying local as well as remote care work groups and associations and contributing to their activities; coordinating with peer care workers the services provided to common or related care recipients.

10.3 Competence management, certification and acquiring qualifications in care work

Identifying specific areas of digital competence to establish the ones in which one is particularly interested; pursuing improvement in such areas; working towards specialisation and acquisition of expert knowledge and skills; understanding the purpose of certification; validating one's learning outcomes through certificates, diplomas and other means of formal recognition.