Security and risk prevention at home

Among elderly over 65 years old, accidents and injuries are responsible for the main part of death and disability and they are also a cause for health deterioration. 40% of fatal injuries in the EU concerns elderly. On average, every day, 15 000 senior citizens experience a severe injury needing medical care, 5 500 of them are ending in hospital and 275 persons eventually die.

Falls can be avoided- have your home analysed!

Falls can indeed be avoided

"There are ways that people can make modifications in their home that don't need to be expensive" says Ms. Nancy Griffin from an US organisation called CICOA. She is specialised in helping people prevent falls in their home and as a volunteer she goes to people's homes and makes a detailed assessment, giving advice on what they can do today to prevent injuries in the future. This is crucial for the elderly and can help them to stay independent for a longer time and prevent those common falls and injuries associated to aging.